الرياض 13241- 6679


The Saudi Landbridge Project is a planned railway project which forms part of the Saudi Railways Expansion Programme.

CGR and QGC cooperated to excute the project scope:

  • Lidar and Photogrammetric survey of the corridor planned for the railway and other complementary areas
  • The main Corridor is 1 km (500 + 500 meters) wide and goes from the Landbridge connection (around 200 km from Jeddah) to Al Jubail passing North of Riyadh (around 80 km)
  • The complementary areas are located close to Jeddah, close to Al Jubail and Riyadh
  • Data provided :
    • Accurate Digital terrain models and contour lines at the scale 1:5.000 and 1:1.000
    • RGB ortophoto
    • CIR ortophoto