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Enterprise Security Solutions

Geospatial is a main component and reference in any successful security solution. QGC provides the most advanced Geospatial Security solution by integrating different technologies to deliver the client the power of the monitoring and control

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Advanced Checkpoint Scanner and Related Products

QGC is the Executive Sales Representative for the Integrated Defense & Security Solutions (IDSS) in Saudi Arabia, IDSS is Providing the latest and most advanced  Solutions including the Most Advanced Checkpoint Scanner  DETECT™ 1000

Threat Detection

  • The Best, Fully Automated Threat Detection (per TSA)
  • Lowest False Alarms of ANY System Ever Tested (per TSA)
  • Patented Dual Energy CT – Required for Advanced Threats

Best Image Quality of Any Explosive Detection System

  • Submillimeter Resolution – Required for Certain Types of Threats
  • Highest Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Any of the Latest Checkpoint CT Scanners

Throughput Speed (Operate either Stand-Alone or Integrated with ASL)

  • Operational Throughput of over 550 Images Per Hour
  • Yielding Higher Passenger per Hour Throughput

High Reliability and Low Life Cycle Cost

  • Designed for 15 Years of Operational Use

National Data Centers Security

Military & Governmental Information Encryption

Integrated Geospatial-Cyber Security Solution

Geospatial based CCTV & Security Gates Solutions & Applications